Friday, August 27, 2010

Yay Friday!

-The cat was terribly generous this morning and let Josh sleep until the princely hour of 5am. I am looking into vets and I'm going to see who's open tomorrow. This shit's gotta stop.

-In world news, the Society for Creative Anachronism has seized control of Russia.

-If you're doing Atkins/South Beach/low-carb, I recommend the blog Unbreaded. It's run by a blogger friend and her bff back home, and it's written with a level of respect and consideration you don't usually see in diet blogs. It's neither slavish in its adherence to the diets, nor is it wishy washy or silly. It's a real and honest take on food, dieting, and self-image, with a nice dose of humor and feminism. You guys know I'm not one to push diet ideology, I just like the way this blog is written.

-Chris Sims knows weird. So he brings us ten of the weirdest pieces of erotic superhero fan art.

-Mayor Bloomberg was on The Daily Show last night talking about the Cordoba Center. (Is it Cordoba Center or Cordoba House? I've seen both.)

-Mama, don't take my Kodachrome away! Fun fact: my grandmother's uncle helped found Eastman Kodak. Did she tell me this BEFORE I started going to the University of Rochester? Nope, that would have been too helpful. Apparently said grand-uncle was one of George Eastman's best friends. I never did get around to researching that side of the family when I lived up there. Alas.

-The NYTimes has an interesting article on a hoarder, today.

-An artist in New York needs an oven in which to bake a bread bed.



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