Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Roundup

-As I mentioned yesterday, it was my second anniversary with Josh. When he got home from work, there was a card stuck in our front door from our apartment complex...wishing him a happy birthday. (I got one on my birthday, too.) Seeing as his birthday is in April, we're not sure what happened there. My guess is they knew yesterday was somehow significant, and just took a stab in the dark.

-I knew all this obfuscation about what the Cordoba Center actually is would result in anti-Muslim hate crimes. I just didn't think it would happen this fast.

-Meanwhile, good hustle, Russell Simmons.

-Another day, another unnecessary photoshopping of Christina Hendricks.

-As linked around in other places, another high profile Republican has come out of the closet. Okay, look, Republicans. You do realize that we've come to the point where if you are loud and vocal about being anti-Gay, we're going to assume you've got a Platinum account at Because more often than not, we're right. Being gay isn't wrong, sinful, dirty, or a sign that they are immoral or want to corrupt your family. It's a sign that a person wants to have love and sex with other people similarly equipped as they are in the genitals. That's it. Sigh.

-The 1996 Doctor Who TV movie featuring Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor is now available on DVD in the US. Uh...brb.



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