Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I have a confession to make, you guys.

My ventures to In-N-Out during my recent trip to LA really didn't impress me. The burgers weren't as good as I remembered, and the fries were just plain bland.

Even having my burger Animal Style couldn't save it.

There's a burger restaurant here in Austin that's near my office called Mighty Fine.

And my confession is this:

I like Mighty Fine better than In-N-Out.

We had an office lunch there today, and I was fulfilled in the way I usually only was once a year when I had my Cheeseburger Animal Style.

And I didn't even get one of the shakes!

Mighty Fine makes their shakes with Blue Bell ice cream, guys.

Om nom fucking NOM.

If you ever visit me, I promise we can go to Mighty Fine.

Because you know what? It is*.

*Apparently they're also really good about providing gluten-free service, too!

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