Wednesday, July 28, 2010


-I did the gym again this morning, to slightly better results. Yay. My endurance is still worse than it's been in years. :-/ Upside? I made myself a breakfast taco! Mmm....

-My friend Dan is participating in the Echelon Gran Fondo Portland, a cycling event starting in Hood River, Oregon, supporting the LIVESTRONG Foundation and the Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon Health and Science University, and is asking for donations.

-There was a post on Feministe yesterday about child-rearing, that, as these posts always do, ended up as a 300-comment behemoth about children screaming in restaurants. Karnythia wrote a fantastic response. (The essay is the same at both places, but naturally, the comments will be different.)

-This is fake, but fantastic and silly.

-Yo dawg...oh.

-Feeling down? Today's Picture Post Wednesday at SF_Drama is "Show us your pets!" themed. Yes, Morbo makes an appearance.

-When I was a kid, I watched the Flinstones, and I smoked Winston cigarettes. (via Liz Baillie)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I hadn't heard of Cowboys and Aliens until just now, but oh my god, this image is amazing:


-Morbo seemed a little calmer last night. We got a diffuser with a calming agent that contains Feliway. (Also, hoshit, the stuff cost almost $50! Yikes!) We're still trying to figure out what's his damage. Josh thinks it may be because I'm leaving every day again, which he hasn't experienced in almost a year. You know, on top of all the other upheaval he's gone through since April.

-I got back on the workout wagon today. Let's not discuss how it went. That said, Populace in the Park (the weekly SCA gathering) is tonight, so I'll be doing fencing drills in the evening heat anyway. Whoo.

-Superstimuli and the Collapse of Western Civilization. An interesting read, for sure. I feel like the phrase "Western Civilization" is really ethnocentric and narrow-minded, especially since the issues discussed affect first-world countries, not just those in the West. (via )

- has an excellent essay on feminism and trusting women, and the ugly situations in which women aren't treated as full humans.

-Your Underdog Lovelorn Romantic May Be My Rapist, by Melissa McEwan over at Shakesville. Brutal and insidious, but definitely worth the read. (Major trigger warnings all over the post and the comments, btw.)

-Jailbroken phones now allowed. I'll still stick with my Droid, thanks.

- saw Joshua Jackson escorted out of SDCC for not having a badge. I admire Jackson's gumption, because undeterred, he hosted PaceyCon 2010! Dude, I totally would have attended.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


-Today has been rad.

-Make a meal plan based on what's on sale in your area!

-NYC has a Johnny AppleWEED

-The storm in NYC last night! I recommend watching the video. It's fantastic.

-BP uses inmate labor for oil cleanup. What's sad is that I'd be more okay with this if it was above-the-board.

-Are cats and dogs ruining us?

Friday, July 23, 2010

TGI Sundries

-I have gone from dressing super girly to...jeans and a Shaun of the Dead t-shirt. My co-workers are going to be so confused. (There was a mid-point yesterday of jeans and a nice, plain black t-shirt with a v-neck. One of my co-workers actually didn't recognize me in the lobby.)

-Well done, nerds.

-This is my new favorite website.

-Of lovers and potato mashers.

-Darth Vader has hit some hard times.

-Charles Ragnel charged with ethics violations. Gosh, what a surprise!

-Dear Alan Moore: Shine on, you crazy diamond.

-A run-down of Thursday at SDCC.

-Dammit, Helen Mirren, I can only love you so much before it becomes creepy and weird.

-Women featured at SDCC

-SDCC is now Klingon-compliant

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lunch'n Sundries

-Day 2 at my new job!

-There's going to be a sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender. No, no, the show. Here's an interview with the shows' creators. Best quote? "We just don’t subscribe to the conventional wisdom that you can’t have an action series led by a female character. It’s kinda nonsense to us."

-Two more accusers of Al Gore step forward. The meta around this situation continues to spiral out of control. I still remain neutral.


-The Ten People You'll Meet at SDCC

-11 Awesome Celebrity Nerds

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


From today's Fandom Secrets:

I'm not going to SDCC this year, but please, someone, ANYONE make this happen!!!!

Kitty Krazy Sundries

-Morbo has the kitty krazies this morning.

-Oil Spill: Gulf Water Sample Explodes When Chemist Tests For Toxicity

-'Almost All of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Workers are Dead'

-Forever 21 is now selling maternity clothes. Aside from the fact that's a store that tends to market to teenagers (and owl-obsessed women in their late 20s), it's testing out its new line of maternity clothes in states that have high teen pregnancy rates. h/t Bart Calendar, who also has good commentary here.

-A lesson re-learned on gender and space. Nothing new to many of us, but a concept always worth a read.

-The Doctor Ditches the TARDIS to Work the Pole. It's a burlesque routine featuring a woman in 10 cosplay, and she knows her way around a stripper pole.

-The Goon! The animation looks gorgeous.

-Time Out New York has an article on bespoke suits and the 50 best cufflinks and tie clips. Yeah, all right.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Sundries

-Those of you who follow me on Twitter and FB saw this the other day: 2+ weeks of bad sleep, continual heat exhaustion, and high stress have taken the inevitable toll: I have a cold. Ugh.

I spent all of yesterday on the couch playing Mass Effect 2, and I got a decent night's sleep last night. I actually feel better today than I've been feeling. My mom always said the cure to a summer cold was sunshine and salt water. I'll have to make due with sunshine and a poolside. Either way, the vitamin D can only help.

-Josh and I watched Black Dynamite last night. It's both very silly and very smart. It's also got some amazing one-liners, amazing costumes, and lots of pretty.

-Trans Job Discrimination in New York: Now with numbers!

-How the Media Should Treat the Sexual Assault Allegations Against Al Gore

-The photos in this post show great and rarely seen angles of the area around where I grew up.

-RM beat me to it, but it's too awesome to deny:
In a contest between Ben Franklin and Captain Jack Harkness, for shagging, charming, and being an all around bon vivant, who would win?

-There's an interview with John Barrowman at After Elton.

-Adam P. Knave gives us a delightful New York Tourists' Guide. DON'T BE A JERK AND YOU WON'T GET SENT TO QUEENS! (There's nothing wrong with Queens, but unless they're looking for the biergarten or the airports, tourists tend to not want to go there.)

-How to make a BLT.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Home Sweet Sundries

-I am as bothered as most of my friends by the meme of "women who accuse men of sexual assault are liars," but the information emerging in the Al Gore case seems increasingly thin. If this turns out to be false, I'll be very angry.

-Goldman Sachs is to pay the $550 Million to Settle SEC Charges Related to Subprime Mortgage CDO Oh that's good. How many trillions have we lost since 2008?

-The exceptionally awesome comic book store, Rocketship, closed its doors. And that's terrible.

-The trailer for Social Network is far more interesting than I ever thought it could be. Bonus: Choral version of Radiohead's "Creep."

-Oh hey. BP was involved in the release of the Libyan terrorist involved in PanAm Flight 103. BRB, vomiting forever.

-Twattoos This is "new and noteworthy"? I've seen them before. Yes, in person. And not at all recently.

-The cap on the leak seems to be holding. I'VE GOT MY EYE ON YOU, LEAK CAP.

-An essay on the sweat shop labor involved in "Fast Fashion," and ensuing comments. Wow, that escalated quickly. I killed a guy! (comments closed, but still worth a peek.)

-So far, I've watched the new episodes of Leverage, White Collar, and Covert Affairs. All are good. RM said Covert Affairs was "exhausting for its relentless heteronormativity." I watched the first episode with that in mind, and my god, she's right. It seemed like every single motivation was inspired by heterosexual love or lust. I'll watch more--it has Christopher Gorham!--but if everything is so one-note as it is now? I'll stop. That said, I like Annie Walker's dialogue. She's got snark to her, not dissimilar to Buffy Summers or Veronica Mars.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


-Morbo (my kitty) and I are settling into our new home. If his incessant purring is any indication, he'll be happy here.

-Can this be real? I want it to be real.

-In yesterday's Fandom Secrets post, there was this secret. It was merely text which reads, "I might not be an expert on this type of thing, but not telling me you were a guy until after we met at the con was a BAD MOVE."

In the comments, many people defend the friend for protecting his gender identity, but the OP comes in and clarifies that no, he was a straight cis-male who'd passed himself off as female. Even after the OP clarifies, there's a goodly number of comments still suggesting the friend was trans. It's an interesting read. (Note: I have no idea what the truth is, I just think it's a fascinating intersection of gender identity online vs. the real world, as well as the risks we take when we meet friends from the internet.)

-The Old Spice ad campaign has blown straight past "advertising" and into art. They are now responding to Tweets in Youtube videos. If we're supposed to let our money talk, then I will never buy any other brand of soap ever again.

-Improv everywhere does it again.

-This is going to get worse before it gets better. If it gets better.

-If this is true, I may vomit.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sundries 2: Electric Boogaloo


-More coherently, my plan for the day is this: Continue boxing and packing things, shower, take the boxes to FedEx (hooray granny cart!), hit Walgreen's for wee wee pads, and then CLEAN ALL THE THINGS.

Gee, when I put it like that, it seems almost doable. @_@

-A car full of people dressed as zombies crashed on Interstate 84 near downtown Portland on Friday, causing initial confusion by people who witnessed the crash (h/t Bart_Calendar)

-Being queer is not new. These pictures are amaaaazing. (h/t Supergee)

-There's a youtube vid in this link that I love. That is how you do a sexual violence prevention PSA.

-This essay, entitled "You people and your quaint little categories: Torchwood, Castle, Psych and modern male sexuality" is made of win, cheez-its, glitter, and awesome.

-I'd only seen the first image, but here are several photos of Lady Gaga in man drag. My love for her continues.

-Also, here is a
great essay about why she's great.

-Live near York, PA and in the market for a dog? I have it on good authority that she's a winner. OMG LOOKIT THAT FACE. She also has her Canine Good Citizen certification, so you know she'll be a good dog.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


-My boyfriend just informed me of this. OH MY GOD AWESOME. I recommend the videos of some of the recording sessions.

-No seriously. When I get a car, I'm totally getting a TomTom GPS.

-We've all seen this, yes? Okay, good.

-The UK Supreme Court has determined that gay, lesbian and bisexual asylum-seekers cannot be returned to countries where they would face persecution, today.

-I need to think about this. I agree with her complaint, and with the ruling. Hmm.


-We've also all seen this, right?

-It looks like X-Men First Class will be rated W. For "What is this, I don't even?"