Friday, July 23, 2010

TGI Sundries

-I have gone from dressing super girly to...jeans and a Shaun of the Dead t-shirt. My co-workers are going to be so confused. (There was a mid-point yesterday of jeans and a nice, plain black t-shirt with a v-neck. One of my co-workers actually didn't recognize me in the lobby.)

-Well done, nerds.

-This is my new favorite website.

-Of lovers and potato mashers.

-Darth Vader has hit some hard times.

-Charles Ragnel charged with ethics violations. Gosh, what a surprise!

-Dear Alan Moore: Shine on, you crazy diamond.

-A run-down of Thursday at SDCC.

-Dammit, Helen Mirren, I can only love you so much before it becomes creepy and weird.

-Women featured at SDCC

-SDCC is now Klingon-compliant

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