Tuesday, July 27, 2010


-Morbo seemed a little calmer last night. We got a diffuser with a calming agent that contains Feliway. (Also, hoshit, the stuff cost almost $50! Yikes!) We're still trying to figure out what's his damage. Josh thinks it may be because I'm leaving every day again, which he hasn't experienced in almost a year. You know, on top of all the other upheaval he's gone through since April.

-I got back on the workout wagon today. Let's not discuss how it went. That said, Populace in the Park (the weekly SCA gathering) is tonight, so I'll be doing fencing drills in the evening heat anyway. Whoo.

-Superstimuli and the Collapse of Western Civilization. An interesting read, for sure. I feel like the phrase "Western Civilization" is really ethnocentric and narrow-minded, especially since the issues discussed affect first-world countries, not just those in the West. (via )

- has an excellent essay on feminism and trusting women, and the ugly situations in which women aren't treated as full humans.

-Your Underdog Lovelorn Romantic May Be My Rapist, by Melissa McEwan over at Shakesville. Brutal and insidious, but definitely worth the read. (Major trigger warnings all over the post and the comments, btw.)

-Jailbroken phones now allowed. I'll still stick with my Droid, thanks.

- saw Joshua Jackson escorted out of SDCC for not having a badge. I admire Jackson's gumption, because undeterred, he hosted PaceyCon 2010! Dude, I totally would have attended.


Laviolette said...

the diffusers and refills are way cheaper on Amazon. I'm pretty sure Milo would have killed me by now without one.

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