Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Well, shit.

As of August, Jane magazine struts for the last time.


Now what am I going to read on plane trips? The violent fits Cosmo causes me are generally frowned upon in the air travel community.

Jane was one of the few women-targeted magazines I enjoyed consistently. The articles were (for the most part) intelligent and well-written. The interviews were interesting. The fashions didn't make me feel inadequate or make my eyes bleed.

That, and I kindof admired Jane Pratt for starting it. She may have gotten shit for it (see the Daria episode "The Lost Girls" for what is likely a pot shot at JP herself), but she also produced a worthy publication.

I'm sorry to see it go.

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Notblueatall said...

OMG! I subscribe to Jane! I didn't know it was going away?! I'm shocked and sad. I can only recommend BUST as a colsolation...I keep my latest copy close to me at all times. Best wishes to you