Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Something Silly

Tom Spurgeon linked to this today: The Flash vs. A Lesbian

To me, this was the most offensive part about it:


A woman that big would NEVER be a jammer!


If you're going to mock a sport, at least do it correctly...


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B-17 said...

It can happen.
One of the things we've been realizing is that actually, the smaller girls don't always make the best jammers. Sometimes the smaller girls turn out to be hellacious blockers. The Knockouts had a play we were working on before Fleshette got her leg broke that was called "Get Shorty" and basically consisted of all our skaters under five-five just hitting the shit out of people's ribs...

Actually in our upcoming bout one of the Dollies' jammers weighs over 200 pounds. She's five feet even, 207 pounds, started out as a heavy blocker and then realized, she can skate like a motherfucker. So she's been jamming a lot lately.

It's awesome because the Saucies' heavy hitters go for her and... hit her... and... she just sort of keeps skating, and they're like, "ow my butt" as they scrape themselves off the floor.

The only problem with the real big girls is that when they fall it's harder for them to get up fast-fast-fast.

None of us is over about 225, though... I'd be terrified of a girl over 300.