Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Empowering Women, One Lipgloss at a Time

Tonight! At Lolita Bar on the LES, The Lolita Debates tackles a tough one:"Does the Beauty Industry Oppress Women?

Arguing the Yes Position: Comedian and Model, Jen Dziura!

Arguing the No Position: Charles Star!

Bonus: You get to meet me, Red Stapler!

Extra Bonus: Did Todd Seavey's rant on feminism piss you off mightily? If so, come on down, he's looking forward to informally debating his points in person at the bar, before and after.

The Lolita Bar is on Allen and Broome, and has a tasty selection of beers, scotches, and wines!

Be there or be trapezoidal!

1 comment:

Charles said...

You've got the positions backwards! I was a "yes" all the way.

Thanks for coming out.