Friday, April 06, 2007

Friday Photo Blogging!

Ok, Stapler Fans...

Don't use this info to stalk yours truly.

One of the things I really like about my job is that I work near Grand Central Station. Aside from being convenient, it also means getting to experience Tartan Week can be done on a lunch hour.

I took some photos, and now I share them with you...


I really love bagpipes. And men in kilts. Lucky for me, they often come together.

There was a fashion kiltmaker there. She had some GORGEOUS stuff.

Like this dress.

I preferred this dress, though.

I always squee a little when I see The Lewis Chessmen.

Not Scottish, but extremely cool anyhow.

Seriously, these guys were so great, I waited for the next train.

They rocked. Hard.

That's all I got!

Maybe next week you'll get more kitty pictures...


Michael said...

Those jazz brothers (most or all are brothers) are old news around the city ;) They're usually in Union Square, above ground, sometimes in Times Square at the 42nd street station. I forget their name but I have their two albums.

Richard said...

The jazz brothers are called Hypnotic. I've also got their two albums, and they really are fantastic.