Wednesday, April 25, 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different...

"Kryptonite" Discovered in Mine

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My original intentions for this blog were a bit geekier than it's been lately.

So now I'm going to get some chocolate in this peanut butter!!!

This shirt bugs me.

This chick looks pretty Super. Why the hell does she need saving?

I love when women wear Superman shirts. I love wearing them. I had a really rad one in college: black baby doll style, with a fuzzy leopard print Superman logo. I wish I knew what ever happened to it...

But to add "SAVE ME" on the back? WTF? That takes away the whole bad-assness of it!

If I'm wearing a Superman shirt, I'm proclaiming that I, Lex Luthor Red Stapler, am the Super one. Why would I need saving if I'm so Super?

The only time a Super-person needs to be saved is when there's Kryptonite about.

So you hear that Superman, Supergirl, Super Boy, Power Girl, and Power Boy, and anyone else rocking the S? Stay the hell away from Serbia!


The Rotund said...

I have a seriously bright Superman tshirt and it irritates the crap out of me that everyone assumes, when I wear it, that it is a SuperGIRL tshirt. I mean, I'm female, so I MUST be representing Supergirl instead of Superman, eh?

Jennifer said...

Because even superheroes need saving...sometimes in more ways than one. Hehehe!

Ami Angelwings said...

I have a Supergirl tshirt that I lurve greatly and wear all the time :D

Tho it could be a Superman tshirt? :O I like Supergirl tho, so I prefer to think it's hers :D

But neways... the "save me" part is stupid! You would never see that on a male tshirt at all.. and nobody can argue truthfully that you would. :|