Friday, December 15, 2006

Stupid Shit I've Done While Drunk

Last night was my office Holiday party.

I didn't get sloppy, but I was definitely grateful for the little bottles of water in the chauffered cars hired by my boss to take people home.

I had the car stop a block before my house, because I remembered that Morbo needed food, so I wanted to pick some up before I went home. Apple Farms, luckily, is open 24hrs.

They also now carry the entire line of Fancy Feast cat food.

In my infinite drunken wisdom, I bought one of each flavor, and a box of dry food for good measure.

I have to do the math, but at $0.69 a can, and it came out to almost 25 dollars....that's a lot of fuckin' cat food.

I should always be this forward thinking after a night of free booze...

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