Thursday, May 22, 2008

Not Leavin' On A Jet Plane

The Comics Reporter posted this article today, about how the rising cost of fuel and airfare will affect Con attendance.

I know for my own part, a perfect storm of a shortage of funds and skyrocketing travel and hotel costs have made me reshuffle my Con calendar for this summer. Unlike the last two years, I won't be doing the Geekcation Double Header of SDCC and Pennsic. Instead, if I have the money and the time (in the blessed event that I get hired somewhere), I will be attending Terminus, which is the same week as Pennsic, and Dragon*Con. (Dragon*Con is confirmed, as I have purchased both my membership and plane tickets.)

Startlingly, even airfare from New York to the two biggest air travel hubs--Chicago and Atlanta--are already shockingly over $200.

Heidi McDonald has been watching with some sadness the airfare hullabaloo, wondering if this will bring about a return to train and bus travel. It probably will.

As much as I was hoping to take the train to Chicago, it is, frustratingly, comparably priced with taking a plane, and worse--takes 20 hours instead of 2. So onto the metal bird for me.

I hope that come summer of 2009, this will all have alleviated a bit. I'm not holding my breath, though.


Bunche said...

In related news, I read an item this morning stating American Airlines, in an attempt to make up for rising fuel costs, will be charging passengers $15 for the first bag that gets checked. And, no, first class passengers will not be charged.

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