Thursday, March 01, 2007

One Burrito Should Not Contain My Entire Day's Worth of Calories

This is the scariest website I have ever been to.

Mexican, or in the case of the North East, Tex-Mex food CAN be healthy. Burritoville succeeds quite well at giving its customers healthy substitutes on its menu. Brown rice, soy cheese, and soy sour cream can go a long way to reducing the caloric value of a meal. Not to mention the fat content. Other similar restaurants offer low fat or fat-free yogurt in lieu of sour cream.

People have had their backs up this week with the 1,000 calorie appetizers, entrees, and desserts at places like The Cheesecake Factory and similar. Let's also keep in mind that a fast food restaurant that purports to be a healthier alternative that's made to order, and then has 1,000+ calories and almost 50 grams of fat is really misleading.

If I eat at Uno's and get the pizza skins, I know I'm eating something that's bad for me, and I'm okay with that. However, if I order a Burrito Bol, and the only non-vegetable items I order are rice and guacamole, and there's still 30g of fat in there, something is wrong. How much guacamole are they putting in there, anyway? Are they putting butter in the rice? Are they frying the lettuce?!?


It's becoming increasingly difficult to eat well, especially on the run and inexpensively. We have become accustomed to eating over 2,000 calories in one meal, and it really needs to stop.

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Dolly said...

I swear by Subway. There's one every two blocks and the sandwiches are cheap, resonably tasty, and low-fat (each one averages about 5 WW points).